South Australia Gin Pack

A Taste of South Australia: Gin Gift Pack from the State's Finest Distillers

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Gin Gift Pack curated from South Australian Gin 

Unleash the Spirit of South Australia: Experience the pinnacle of craft gin, where heritage meets invention in every sip. Our exclusive Gin Gift Pack celebrates the finest distilleries in South Australia. Embark on a uadventure with this curated selection from some of the region's most acclaimed producers.

At the forefront of our collection is 36 Short, a distillery renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the distinctive flavours and expertly blended botanicals that make 36 Short a true standout in the world of gin.

Coffin Bay Spirits, inspired by the pristine coastal beauty of its namesake, brings a touch of maritime magic to your tasting experience. Each bottle captures the essence of the sea breeze and the purity of the Coffin Bay region, offering a refreshing and unique twist to your gin exploration.

Heaps Good Spirits, the trailblazer of South Australian distillation, represents the bold and innovative spirit of the South Australian craft scene. With a dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining traditional flavours, their Heaps Good Gin is a must-try for those seeking a contemporary gin experience.

Lost Phoenix Spirits, nestled in the enchanting Fleurieu Peninsula of Hindmarsh Valley. As you savor their exceptional gin, the irresistible desire to witness its creation firsthand will stir, beckoning you to visit and immerse yourself in the enchanting distillery experience. At their Cellar Door, a natural sanctuary, handcrafted spirits from Cut Hill Distillery and Lost Phoenix Farm invite exploration

Reform Distillery, born from two Adelaide brothers' shared passion, embraces the spirit of Kent Town's community and South Australia's bounty. Crafted in-house, each gin reflects local flavours, embodying the vibrant atmosphere. A unique experience for those seeking exceptional gin and an unparalleled vibe.

SumPoynt Distillery, Established in 2018, SumPoynt Distillery stands out in the spirits world, driven by a passion for creation and love for fine spirits. Committed to premium quality, supporting local businesses, and using Australian products, SumPoynt crafts 100% vapour-infused gin with a custom copper Carter head still. As manufacturers and distillers, they ensure every aspect, from stills to bottles, reflects dedication and craftsmanship, delivering an unparalleled Australian spirits experience.

Now is the time! Uncork a Symphony of South Australian Gins!
Each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication. Gift or (give) this exquisite selection and embark on a flavour journey across the region, one delicious sip at a time. Perfect for gin lovers or curious newcomers!

Savour the distinctive taste of our limited-edition gin collection, meticulously curated for those who appreciate exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication, making it a truly exclusive gift for seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

South Australian Gin Gift Pack

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Perfect gift choice for those who appreciate quality gin and craftsmanship.

Six of the finest from South Australian Gin Distilleries, including 36 Short, Coffin Bay Spirits, Heaps Good Spirits, Lost Phoenix Spirits and SumPoynt Distillery.

Featuring some award winning favourite's. 

Experience the luxury of craft gin without breaking the bank.

Each 50ml bottle offers a unique taste profile, perfect for discovering your new favorite gin. This curated selection lets you explore a variety of styles and develop your own preferences.

6 x 50ml premium South Australia Crafted Gins in professionally labelled glass bottles.

We've carefully selected each gin to ensure a truly delightful tasting experience.

What's in the pack

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Heaps Good Gin bottle
36 short blood orange gin bottle
Sumpoynt Distillery Renegade Gin
Coffin Bay Spirits Rare Coastal Gin bottle
Lost Phoenix Spirits Australian Dry Gin Bottle
Reform Distillery Silvinberry Gin Bottle

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Order now and treat yourself or a friend to the best of the South Australian gin scene with our handpicked gift packs, perfect for any occasion!

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more about the makers

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