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At SumPoynt Distillery, they approach the craft of distillation with a unique perspective. The founders, driven by a shared passion for creation and a deep appreciation for exquisite spirits, gave birth to Sumpoynt Distillery. The journey commenced in 2018, and since then, they've been diligently constructing their dream from the ground up. Their commitment is clear – delivering the finest premium quality spirits while championing local businesses and utilising Australian ingredients.

Heart and soul infuse every step of their spirit production, demonstrating a commitment beyond just crafting the drink itself. SumPoynt Distillery not only creates the spirits from scratch but has meticulously designed the equipment as well. The personal touch extends from the stills to the bottles, ensuring an intimate connection with the source. At the core of their offerings is the "Renegade," a 100% vapour-infused gin, setting the standard as their signature creation and the inaugural release in a series of finely crafted Australian spirits.

After enduring more than four years of challenges, including the trials of blood, sweat, and tears, as well as navigating through pandemics, SumPoynt Distillery has triumphantly entered the production phase. "Renegade Gin" is now available to Australia, showcasing the hallmark of a genuine Australian independent craft spirit. Explore their online shop for convenient delivery or, if you're in Adelaide or the suburbs, consult the Stockist list above to find the nearest store for a pickup.

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Renegade is a truly authentic handmade South Australian contemporary gin. The spirit is mashed, fermented and distilled in-house from South Australian grown Rye and Barley. The final distillation is carried out using our custom built, copper Carter head still. The vapour infusion process yields a gin with an abundance of delicate yet complex flavours, which when paired with the velvety mouthfeel of the Rye based spirit, makes the perfect gin for sipping on the rocks. 

Renegade gin is also a great addition to your favourite GnT's and cocktails. Visit today to get your hands on a bottle of one of the few truly handmade South Australian craft gins. See our mixology page for a few suggestions. 

43% ABV

Sumpoynt Distillery Renegade Gin bottle
Sumpoynt Distillery Renegade Gin, many bottles