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Reform Distillery

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The inception of Reform traces back to two brothers, native to Adelaide, reuniting over a shared gin & tonic. As they reminisced and exchanged burgeoning passions and ideas, the dream of Reform took root and flourished into reality. Fueled by the spirit of the eastern suburbs' community and the bountiful local produce of South Australia, Reform quickly evolved into a unique venture.

Their vision was to craft a laid-back, free-flowing space that embodied the essence of Kent Town. Here, locals could savour a diverse range of handcrafted gins amid the vibrant urban vibes.

The spark for Reform ignited from a deep-seated passion for distilling, but it was the enchanting neighbourhood of Kent Town that captured their hearts. The distinct community, coupled with the irresistibly flavorful local produce, became their wellspring of inspiration.

Every bespoke gin is meticulously crafted in-house, using locally sourced ingredients. A commitment to community-centric values extends to the South Australian tonic served in their mind-blowing G+T’s.

Reform personifies the amiable spirit of the Kent Town community. Whether patrons seek a haven for a post-week decompression drink or a vibrant Saturday night locale, Reform is the go-to destination.

Engage in lively conversations at the bar, cosy up by the roaring fire, or relish a reunion with an old friend. While the initial draw may be the exceptional gin, the irresistible atmosphere ensures visitors linger for the unparalleled vibe.

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Silvanberry Gin

A modern Gin base blended with the unique Silvanberry to create a most delicious fruit gin. Still holding an ABV of 34.5% it is full on strength and flavour. The colour is stunning both neat and when mixed. This unique hybrid berry is sweet and delicious similar to many but like no other.   

Pair with Longrays Pacific tonic, a squeeze of lime garnished with Silvanberry & mint.

34.5% alcohol 

Reform Distillery Hills Harvest Silvenberry gin bottle
Reform Distillery Hills Harvest gin bottle