Lost Phoenix Spirits

Lost Phoenix Spirits

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A journey where gastronomy meets distilling in a unique collaboration.


Lost Phoenix Spirits introduces the fusion of the culinary world with the realm of small-batch spirits. Wander along the scenic Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia to Hindmarsh Valley and discover a haven of craft at the Lost Phoenix Spirits Cellar Door. 

Nestled within the pristine landscape, visitors are invited to savour an array of hand-crafted spirits, all meticulously produced and bottled on-site. 

The Cellar Door shares its enchanting space with both Cut Hill Distillery and Lost Phoenix Farm, creating an immersive experience in the heart of this picturesque region.

from the maker



With a focus on quality and excellence our gin embodies a classic dry style.  

Crafted from grain spirit and native botanicals, including lemon myrtle, mountain pepperberry, and pink peppercorns harvested right from our own property. 


Light lemon notes, peppercorn-forward, zippy but not overbearing, balanced.


A medley of luscious, tantalising notes. Discerning palates will detect the subtle hints of peppercorn and coriander seed, while others may experience the bright zing of lemon from the myrtle and the zest of citrus rind.


Remarkably uncomplicated yet full of flavour when enjoyed neat. It acts as a palate cleanser, imparting fresh citrus notes and a delicate juniper presence that grace every corner of your mouth.

It is as crisp and pure as the valley that surrounds us. We have fashioned a unique flavour that pays tribute to our whisky heritage and the breathtaking Australian landscape.

ALC/ 40%

Lost Phoenix Spirits Australian Dry Gin with gin and tonic cocktail
Lost Phoenix Spirits Australian Dry Gin with oyster