Coffin Bay Spirits

Coffin Bay Spirits

about the maker

In the realm of coastal wonders, Coffin Bay Spirits unfolds a maritime enchantment inspired by the pristine beauty of its namesake. The tasting experience transcends ordinary boundaries, each bottle becoming a vessel capturing the essence of sea breeze and the untainted purity of the Coffin Bay region. This coastal haven, nestled in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, is a sanctuary for Ben and Caro, where every moment spent on the water and in the bush is a testament to pristine beauty.

Above towering limestone cliffs, overlooking the glistening waters of Coffin Bay, the National Park, and beyond, their piece of bush is a flourishing canvas of endemic flora, offering rare scents and flavours. As they delved deeper into the world of botanicals, the spark of inspiration to craft something truly unique ignited. From this flame of creativity, Coffin Bay Spirits emerged, a testament to their passion and commitment to delivering a distinctive and refreshing twist to the world of gin exploration.

from the maker


Using native botanicals sourced from a single iconic stretch of coastline, this recipe was created while watching the sun set over Coffin Bay.

Our award-winning distiller, Geordan, has captured our unique coastal flavours within a single run, with selected botanicals macerated in advance to produce a premium gin that is genuinely small batch and hand-crafted.

NOSE - Beach and truffle.

PALATE - Distinctive oceanic savoury notes and the sweetness of coastal fruit, softened by native juniper (Boobialla). Exceptionally long finish.

Approx. 17 standard drinks

42% alc/vol

Coffin bay spirits rare coastal gin bottle
Coffin bay spirits rare coastal gin bottle with coast background